True to the promise of its title, Food Court offers a poetic feast for the delectation and delight of the experienced and novice reader, the self-professed Hong Kong insider or the transient or first-time visitor to English-language creative writing in Hong Kong. Food is the subject matter of many of the poems, but the title of this first collection by Timothy Kaiser is also self-consciously ironical. Kaiser likes to write about the men and women who make a living in the food trade -- preparing it, cooking it, selling it and, of course, others who are just consumers ... His project in this first collection is the transformation of these men and women and what they do into the subjects and images of poetry.
        From the foreword by Elaine Y.L. Ho

"Tim Kaiser occupies that ever-expanding space between West and East. He fills the space in with unique experience and private music. A wonderful debut." -- Charles Foran, award-winning author of The Last House of Ulster and Butterfly Lovers

"Clear-eyed, unsentimental, with a sure eye for the moment when the observation must be rendered poetic, Kaiser shows us what all our mornings bring with humour, compassion and hope for humanity." -- Xu Xi, author of The Unwalled City

Chameleon Press, November 2003
ISBN 988-97060-4-0, HK$95
ISBN 988-97060-7-5, US$12.95/8.50 (International edition)
Timothy Kaiser, originally from Canada, now lives in Hong Kong, where he is a teacher and writer. His writing has been published on three continents. Food Court is his first collection of poetry.

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