Chameleon Press, October 2004
Trade paperback, 327 pages, 256x234mm
ISBN: 9889706148
HK$145 - US$19.95 - GBP12.99

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Also by Elsie Tu

'I was born Elsie Hume, in the city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, one year before the First World War took my father to fight in the battlefields in France ... The kindergarten consisted of sixty pupils located in a large wooden hut with no equipment except a black-board. I hardly knew where to start ...'

    This is the story of a man and a woman born thousands of miles apart, of different nationality, culture and language, who met in Hong Kong in the most unlikely of circumstances, yet were destined for a life together. Both had known hardship and sorrow in youth; both had similar aspirations to study and dedicate their lives to the service of the underprivileged, to struggle against injustice, and to work for world peace.
    The only barrier between was that one belonged to a nation of colonisers; the other to the colonised.
    Their task seemed formidable, but together they succeeded in bringing about changes beyond their imagination.

'Heartwarming' -- HK Magazine
'Tu tells her story clearly and directly, without recourse to ornate language or self- congratulation.' -- South China Morning Post

Dr. Elsie Tu listening to complaints from a group of hawkers in 1960s.

Elsie and Andrew Tu.

Elsie Tu is one of Hong Kong's best-known activists and writers. Shouting at the Mountain, completed after her husband Andrew's death in 2001, confirms her as an authentic Hong Kong voice.