240mm x 240mm, 96 pages, full-colour plates, ISBN 9889836211, HK$145
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We share the same genes
although we speak a subtle different tongue
of generations and geography and time.
Both still drawn to the sound of the sea
that lies between us.

In Accidental Occidental, a unique collage of words
and images, David McKirdy spins an Asian tapestry of
people, places and impressions.

A madness fostered by too much distance and too much time
masked my total alienation from this totally alien nation.
So I'll return cynically clinically wiser,
an accidental occidental, re-oriented.

One of Hong Kong’s best-known poets, David McKirdy was
born in Scotland, raised in Hong Kong and confused in
England when he arrived there for the first time as a twenty-
year-old. Once he returned to Hong Kong, he never left again.

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